C-O Lab

Christos Siantrivanopoulos


Surveying Engineer NTUA

Οlga Ktenà


Architect Engineer NTUA

Master of Arts UAL

C-O lab is an architectural-construction office based in Athens and Serifos. It was founded in 2016, in collaboration with Christos Siantrivanopoulos, Surveying Engineer and constructor, and Olga Ktenà, Architect Engineer and Interior Designer. The projects we undertake vary in scale – from houses and small restaurants to residential complexes and boutique hotels. Regardless of the scale of the project, our design values ​​are based on functionality, innovation, simplicity and attention to detail. In all our projects our main goal is the balance between comfort, intimacy, luxury and respect for the landscape, the tradition and natural resources. 

Marilena Ellinikaki

Architect Engineer ΑUTH

Elisavet Kazerou

Architect Engineer NTUA

MSc Urban & Regional Planning NTUA

Harris Vrysalis

Architect Engineer DoAUP

Maria Panagiotopoulou

Architect Engineer DUTH

Eva Spilioti

Architect Engineer DUTH

MSc Integrated Product Design & Innovation UοΑ

Andreas Cherchanteris

Operations Manager MSc, PhD OU