C-O Lab


type: Residence

location: Ramos_Serifos 

surface: 215 sq.m.

status: design

design: C-O lab (Olga Ktenà, Harris Vrysalis)

Octopus is a new residence in the Ramos area, on Serifos Island. It comprises the main house and three reconstructed buildings dating back to before 1955 (so called ‘cells’ or ‘pens’). The house has four contiguous volumes comprising a living room, dining room, kitchen, office, two bedrooms and two bathrooms. A large, covered terrace with a pergola is formed on the east side (front) of the residence and a ‘closed’ curved-walled courtyard shapes the west (rear) side. The three reconstructed buildings are converted into hospitality areas for friends and guests.  The materials used are uncoated stone walls, and colored earth-toned pressed putty; the pergolas are made of chestnut and reed.