C-O Lab


type: House

location: Ganema_Serifos 

surface: 281 sq.m.

status: design

design: C-O lab (Olga Ktenà, Harris Vrysalis)

renderings: Studio Katrakis

structural engineering: Kyriakos Zarkadis & Partners 

E-M engineering: Christos Mpaniotopoulos

This project concerns the construction of a new cave house in the area of Ganema on the island of Serifos. The central design concept of the dwelling is based on an existing stone wall, which runs almost the entire width of the plot, starting northeast from an existing building and ending at the southwestern boundary of the plot parallel to the elevation curves. The main purpose is to ‘preserve’ the stone wall and place the building in the form of a cave construction behind the wall, using it as a second facade, with the aim of interfering as little as possible with the natural landscape.

The facade of the new cave house is formed by two parallel walls. The first wall, in contact with the interior, is formed for the most part by sliding glazing which occupies the entire width of the corresponding space in the interior of the building. The second one, in projection, is formed by alternating full stone walls and gaps (on which wooden perforated shading panels operate on a sliding track). The space formed between these two facades is semi-outdoor and functions, on the one hand, as a filter for the transition from the enclosed space of the dwelling to the open outdoor space; and, on the other hand, ‘hides’ the glazed panes as they fold away from the main facade of the building.  Above the roof slab and the stone walls, the inverted slab beam can be discerned, which supports the planted roof top and is plastered in beige-brown to visually blend into the landscape. Outside, in the extension of the facade, an outdoor living area is formed with plantings and a pergola made of metal frame and wooden blinds.

The dwelling includes a common living-kitchen area, WC, 4 bedrooms with private bathroom and an open office space – loft. The swimming pool, although currently not allowed on Serifos due to the Special Regulation applicable on the island, has been studied in terms of location and form for future construction in case the current legislation is amended.