C-O Lab



type: Residence

location: Kalo Ampeli_Serifos

surface: 245 sq.m.

status: completed

design: Sinas Architects & Maria Mamoura

interior design: C-O lab (Olga Ktenà)

construction: C-O lab (Christos Siantrivanopoulos)

structural engineering: Ioannis Mpounias

E-M engineering: Christos Mpaniotopoulos

photography: Yiorgos Kordakis

styling: Anestis Michalis

The requisite of the project was the interior design and furnishing of a house designed by Sinas Architects & Maria Mamoura. The curved walls of the house posed a great challenge in the redesign of the common space and the master bedroom. The fireplace was designed like a cone that protrudes from the wall following the architecture of the rest of the house where there are no straight or orthogonal volumes. Cement mortar was chosen for the floor as it does not add a new architectural grid as a cast material; on the contrary, it strengthens the sense of movement and flow that results from both the curved walls and the undulating roof. The kitchen, the composition of the master bedroom and most of the furniture of the house are custom made of chestnut wood.