C-O Lab


type: Residence

location: Chomatovouni_Serifos

surface: 114 sq.m.

status: completed

design: C-O lab (Olga Ktenà, Marilena Ellinikaki)

construction: C-O lab (Christos Siantrivanopoulos)

structural engineering: Kyriakos Zarkadis & Partners

E/M engineering: Christos Mpaniotopoulos

photos: Alexandros Voutsinas

styling: C-O lab (Olga Ktenà) 

Pénde Natura consists of two independent small houses attached to each other, Keli and Mandri, meaning Cell and Pen, respectively. The Cell (on the right) consists of two reconstructed cells (buildings before 1955). The Pen (on the left) is a new construction which, however, follows the trail of an old sheep pen. The choice of materials (uncoated stonework and colored plaster in earth tones) is made with the aim of better integration of the volumes into the landscape. The terraces of the houses are covered by a pergola made of peeled chestnut logs and reeds.