C-O Lab


type: Ηouse complex

location: Trahilas_Serifos 

surface: 430 sq.m.

status: design

design: C-O lab (Olga Ktenà, Elisavet Kazerou)

The project concerns the design of a new complex of three houses in Trahilas area, on the eastern side of Serifos island. The concept of the design is the creation of two parallel linear stone walls interrupted by plastered blocks, thus deconstructing the dwelling into individual building units, while maintaining a continuity. This deconstruction is intensified by using plaster in different shades of earthy colours on each of the volumes, adapting the architectural composition to the scale of Cycladic architecture. In terms of the morphological approach, the aim is to make the intervention as gentle as possible, respecting on the one hand the altitude of the terrain and the natural environment and on the other hand the traditional Cycladic architecture. The pergolas of all three houses are made of wood and cane placed in different directions to create a play of light shading.