C-O Lab


type: Hotel renovation 

location: Livadi_Serifos 

surface:  740 sq.m.

status: completed

design: C-O lab (Olga Ktenà, Maria Panagiotopoulou)

construction: 4-19 Architects


The project concerns the renovation of an existing 15-room hotel in the settlement of Livadi on the island of Serifos. 

The hotel was initially upgraded in terms of energy, with the total replacement of its windows, the installation of solar panels on the roof, the replacement of the AC units with new heat pump-operated air conditioners and the application of external thermal insulation to the entire building.

In terms of architectural design, the exterior entrance and reception area were completely redesigned and transformed into a communal lounge and breakfast area that works as a meeting and relaxation point for all visitors. The aim was for guests to feel intimate and relaxed from the moment they arrive, by checking in at the lounge. A central, irregularly shaped bar-type island with plants in the center and seating around the perimeter was designed in the outdoor area, while inside the reception area, new built-in sofas, a communal large table, and a coffee station that can be freely used anytime were designed. All the built structures are made of cement mortar in grey as a continuation of the floor. An interesting part of the design is the ceiling that is created by a grid of wooden planks painted in white and arranged in four different levels, giving a sense of depth to the top. 

In the fifteen rooms of the hotel, the layout remained the same, but the bathrooms and wardrobes were completely renovated, and new fixtures, fabrics and decorative elements were chosen. In some rooms, some chestnut wooden constructions were also designed to combine and practically organize different uses: a mini bar, a space for the suitcase, a place for the TV and a desk. 

In the corridors leading to the rooms, many small recesses in the walls with hidden lighting have been designed both as a reference to traditional Cycladic niches and as a way of discreetly lighting the circulation corridors. 

Finally, in the basement space a small gym area has been created and the hotel’s internal courtyard has been redesigned. 

The materials that have been used throughout the hotel are white plaster, cement mortar, natural chestnut wood for the main structures, while the movable furniture is either wooden or metal made of light frame and linen fabrics in earthy tones. The planting is mainly of low shrubs (stipa, thyme and lavender) following the dry landscape of the Cyclades. In general, the choice of materials and the whole style of the design is inspired by the Cycladic landscape and the Cycladic architecture with an extra touch of luxury and comfort that corresponds to the current hospitality needs of a modern accommodation.